Welcome to the Bartley Glass and Windows’ brand new and improved website. As leading glaziers in the Birmingham area, we felt it was about time our website reflected* our position in the market, and are thrilled to now present it to you.

What’s different then?

Well, first off we are hoping it is a lot easier for you to navigate. The menu bar and all of the text in our site has been written in plain English (no jargon to be seen*). It is now quicker and simpler for you to find further information on all of our services, whether it is about double glazing repairs or the areas we cover.

Details – we have figured out over the 25 YEARS we have been trading (something we are very proud of!), that the key is in the detail. We have given you a lot more information on our services and about us. We think, this is vital for you to be able to pick up the phone and choose Bartley Glass and Windows to supply and fit your new replacement window with confidence.

Clarity* – what you want at the touch of a button or screen in most circumstances. We know that most of the time you are looking to research your replacement glass or failed double glazing unit on your phone or mobile device. We have tidied up the screen, making it easier for you to find the area of interest quickly.

Contact – we have added several ways to contact us, including directly from the website. We have added a map for you to be able to locate the showroom in addition to our opening hours plus all the usual methods – how about that for transparency!?

Blog – that’s where we are right now! On our new blog you can stay up to date with current projects we are working on, in addition to finding out latest news and changes in the industry. We are hoping that this is where you will really get to know us at Bartley Glass and we like to think it will be just like looking into the window* of our soul.

nb. I was hoping to insert a lovely image here regarding windows to souls but after a quick google search I got a little freaked out. Do it and see!

Areas Covered – We have added a map and detailed list of areas that we cover for both glazing projects we fit and that we will deliver glass cut to size within. We know there is nothing more frustrating than finding a good supplier and then realising after you have sent emails and calls that they don’t delivery within your area.

I think that about covers all the updates to the website, apart from our FAQ page, which we hope answers any little questions you may have. If not drop us a comment below and we will either add them to the list or answer them right here on the blog.

Please do take a look around and let us know what you think. Do you like the new site? Can you find what you are looking for? What other changes can we make to improve?

*my apologies for all of the windows and glass puns, this is my first post and I think I may have gotten a little carried away. I’m sure I will stop it soon…. 😉