Roof Lanterns

As a window manufacturer in Birmingham, we get a whole range of requests for all kinds of different glazing projects. One of the most common is for roof lanterns so we thought we would put together a blog post detailing some of the options available to you when looking for roof lanterns to go into your home. Roof lanterns - sometimes referred to as roof lights or sky lights, are an architectural feature used to flood an indoor space with light. They can be bought in standard sizes, but can also be made bespoke to your particular size requirement. More often than not, roof lanterns are installed as part of an extension project or when re-roofing a space. However, if you have an existing flat, or indeed pitched roof that you would like to install a roof light into, then this is absolutely something that can be done.

Flat fixed roof lanterns

Fixed flat roof lights are simply that – a flat structure that can be made to fit your specified size and shape that simply acts as a light well for the space underneath it. Using self cleaning glass these roof lanterns can be a low maintenance, contemporary addition to your home to flood a space with beautiful, natural light.

Bartley Glass Flat roof lantern
Bartley Glass Flat opening roof lantern

Opening flat roof lanterns

Moving on from the fixed flat roof lanterns, they can also be made to open and let in air as well as light. You can choose between a hinged opening light, or a mechanical sliding mechanism. The space around the roof lantern and of course price will determine which is the right option for your home.

Pitched roof lanterns

If you’re looking for a more traditional style finish, then a pitched roof lantern would be the way to go. Of course designs vary greatly and you can still achieve a modern look with a pitched roof light as well as traditional styles, but the most contemporary choice would usually be the flat. When looking at pitched roof lanterns, you will also have the option to include an opening light within it, or as with the flat – a sliding mechanism to open the full space.

Bartley Glass pitched roof lantern

If you are exploring glazing options for a refurbishment project on your home, then we would be delighted to help discover the perfect solution. Give us a call on 0121 426 2680 or pop in and see us at our windows and doors showroom just outside of Birmingham city centre.