A Customer’s View

First of all, let us say a very happy new year to you all. Hopefully you all had a wonderful festive break, filled up on tasty treats and enjoyed cosy days in with family and friends?!

One particular lady was at risk of spending Christmas in a bit of a chilly pickle when the Dorma window in her attic bedroom became unsafe. We invited Jo to share her experience here with you, as we believe there is no better way to learn about a company than from the customers they look after.

Dorma Window Replacement

“I contacted Bartley Glass after recently moving into a new house and discovering that the Dorma window in the attic bedroom was completely broken and quite frankly an accident waiting to happen.

I called around a few local window fitters and found Bartley Glass super helpful. They visited me within a few days to do a risk assessment and of course discuss window options. The existing window had a wooden frame with 3 glazed areas, but I felt a UPVC frame would work best as it would withstand the elements better and not need near impossible maintenance.

A like-for-like window with two openings would have been quite expensive considering it was not a cost we were expecting at an already ridiculously expensive time. Paul suggested having only one opening and a large picture window which would perfectly frame my new lovely view of client hills in the distance. It was such a pleasant surprise being offered an alternative which not only seemed a better fit for my needs, but also a cheaper option.

After receiving a formal quote, my window was booked to be fitted in about 3 weeks time. Over the next couple of weeks the weather got considerably worse. As we are having one of the windiest winters on record, it was not a good time to have your window half hanging out. After one particularly howling night I called Bartley Glass to see if my fitting could be pushed forward and thankfully they could help me.

On the day of the fitting, two window fitters turned up on time and they worked quickly and without fuss. Within a few hours my new window was in place and it looks amazing. It has given me an uninterrupted view and of course isn’t likely to fall out and kill anyone!

I have to say thank you to Paul and team at Bartley Glass. Nothing was too much trouble and the final product is fantastic. I have had many replacement windows fitted in my previous home and although they seemed fine at the time, after seeing just how good a finish these guys did with my Dorma window I really wish I’d have called Bartley Glass sooner.”

Bartley Glass & WIndows Birmingham Glaziers

Should you ever need a replacement window or door, or a simple repair, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to help and if there is anything we can possibly do to go that little bit further for our customers we absolutely will. Our aim is to leave customers feeling well looked after so that they come back to us in the future with any other issues they may be having. We’re delighted Jo was satisfied with our work and we look forward to welcoming her back as a customer should the need arise again.